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My Apologies to all:

As you can see, the site's look and feel have been altered considerably.  Apparently there are some issues with my hosting company ~ issues with regards to my templates used for the last 5 years, artwork and pages.  Please be patient while I search for a new hosting company and begin the painful process of rebuilding.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email them to me as I am researching to find the best available within my price range so I can once again bring my site back to it's full glory.

I thank you for your patience and for visiting.

I will keep this page available for dates, times, stations and scores of games and hope to have my site back to full speed again soon.

2006 Schedule

September 2nd, 2006            6:00pm        PPV 

vs Hawaii        

September 9th, 2006             2:30pm        FSN   

vs Vanderbilt               

September 16th, 2006           6:00pm        PPV  

vs Louisana-Monroe            

September 23rd, 2006    

@ Arkansas (Fayetteville)                      

September 30th, 2006        

@ Florida                           

October 7th, 2006

vs Duke 

October 14th, 2006           

vs Ole Miss                    

October 21st, 2006        

@ Tennessee   

(the real '3rd Saturday in October')                

October 28th, 2006        

vs Florida International              

November 4th, 2006      

vs Mississippi State       

November 11th, 2006

@ LSU                           

November 18th, 2006     

vs Auburn                       

December 2nd, 2006

SEC Championship, Atlanta Georgia

Times and channels to be announced. 

All times listed are Tuscaloosa time !! (central time)

Here's the little bout me..

Well, as you can probably guess I'm first and foremost, an Alabama Football Fan, sorry no changing that! I'm a Scorpio, live on the Cumberland River outside of Nashville, Tennessee, have a big ole 4x4 I call "my baby" and a group of guys in Tuscaloosa I call "my boys". My hobbies include anything near, by, or on the water, antiquein', music, cookin', genealogy, playing pool and thunderstorms. I am an avid reader and love to laugh more than anything!! Well I think I covered the basics if there's something I missed you'll just have to e-mail me and ask. Or you can find me lurkin somewhere on the web. *laff'n* Thanks for stopping by.. have a great day and ROLL TIDE!!

"At some places they play football, at Alabama they live it." the only TRUTH ever spoken by FHC Dennis Franchione